Oxygen-Ozone Therapy Two essential things in life: oxygen and water. We can use them as highly effective, non-toxic tools to prevent and treat oral disease. Oxygen/Ozone is a well-studied therapy that has been around for hundreds of years and has been successful at treating everything from AIDS, to Cancer, and Lyme Disease.

Why do we need to use Oxygen/Ozone in oral healthcare? Because our body is a biologic/ecologic system, it functions in either an anaerobic or aerobic environment. The anaerobic environment occurs when there are pathogens/ biotoxins. These biotoxins can be a mixed infection not only compromised of bacteria, but fung, viral, and parasitic infection as well. This infection results in anaerobiosis or a fermentive process that is oxygen hating, acid loving, and is an uncontrolled oxidative injury and a pathologic dominant environment. This is essentially what gum/periodontal disease and decay/caries infections are.

In order for us to function well biologically, we need to create a shift from anaerobic to aerobic. There are very few methods that are proven to do this in a biologic way. Biologic healing is that which provides the body with the right tools to support the body’s ability to heal itself. The tools should also be safe, non-toxic, and non-invasive if at all possible. Another factor in biologic medicine and dentistry is to also allow the body to learn from whatever is causing the reaction that is harmful to it. Oxygen/ozone therapy is a great fit for accomplishing all of these things.

In dental disease, as well as disease in general, we are dealing with biofilms. Biofilms are colonies or very well organized groups of microorganisms/pathogens. It is a fully functioning city with its own language. They can learn from their environment because the biofilm has a very smart layer/cell wall that protects it. There are very few things that can penetrate it because they are increasingly becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics and antimicrobials. These drugs that are used regularly are also prescribed based on symptoms more often than the cause, and are toxic to our body, affecting our ecologic system in a negative way.

Oxygen/Ozone is a reaction that is already created by our body when exposed to pathogens. So, providing a low, and slow dose in addition to our own, can up-regulate the immune system to better deal with the microorganisms that are damaging to us. It does this by penetrating the biofilm, allows the body to learn from the pathogens, and help the body create a memory of it (auto-vaccine), thus allowing the body to heal itself when the pathogens enter into the body again.

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