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We use homeopathy, aromatherapy, ozone, lasers, essential oils and more to help your immune system heal your teeth!  

Yes, teeth can heal!  There is a twice daily tidal wave of acidity and alkalinity to wash the toxins and damaged cells away from teeth through dentinal tubules and then lay down new minerals to repair the damage from microbes and toxins.

If you don't have leaky gut, and the digestion process works to break down food and absorb the nutrients, then your body can actually heal teeth! 

They "sweat" through the dentinal tubules and flush out the enamel as the body washes away the bad and brings in the new..  Our bodies are designed to be self-healing, I believe, and the good Lord is a great architect and physician to have such an intricate blueprint for the body to work the way it does under healthy circumstances.

We have to work very hard to keep the circumstances optimum for the body to do its job! Too many toxins or not enough nutrients will inhibit the body's innate ability to be self-cleaning and self- healing!

Warmest regards, 
Dr. Lorie