The mouth is the window to the body!
Holistic dentistry looks at the mouth as a part of the whole body!

The mouth affects the body and mind...and  the mind/body surely affect the mouth, teeth, and gums!

Some factors that affect the health of the mouth and body and that we address in our practice are:
    Diet including water intake, vitamin, mineral, and herb content, pH, fat, protein, and carbohydrate content, chemical content including nicotine, caffeine, additives, etc. which cross over to affect  decay, gums, grinding, wear, breathing, tongue coating and congestion, and organ function.  Vitamin/nutrient defficiency is as harmful as chemical toxicity! 
    Exercise as it affects sleep patterns, hormone release, grinding, wear, breathing, tongue position, movements and congestion, organ function, cell function, metabolism and more!
    Medications which affect so many aspects of the mouth and body from dehydration to grinding.... one example is that certain drugs cause people to increase grinding pressure up to 2000 psi (pounds per square inch)...teeth are only designed to withstand 50 psi! Another example is that high blood pressure medicines create  magnesium defficiency....and magnesium difficiency causes... HIGH blood pressure!
    Malocculsion (or bite maladies) have a huge affect on and are caused by nutrtion among other factors!  Uncontaminated food sources allowed full genetic potential which produces full round arches of beautiful, white teeth.  With the addition of processed foods, food additives, and unnatural additions to our diets, we began downward spiral in genetic expression which includes crowded teeth with the tendancy toward dental disease.  We can restore arch form and create the best situation for our children's full expression of their genetic potential so they and their children can lead healthier, fuller lives based on correcting the issues we know adversely affect the mouth and in turn adversely affect the health and form of the mouth, mind, and  body! 

Please feel free to ask questions and let me know what topics you would like to  hear about!

Live Well~

Dr. Lorie