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We use homeopathy, aromatherapy, ozone, lasers, essential oils and more to help your immune system heal your teeth!  

Yes, teeth can heal!  There is a twice daily tidal wave of acidity and alkalinity to wash the toxins and damaged cells away from teeth through dentinal tubules and then lay down new minerals to repair the damage from microbes and toxins.

If you don't have leaky gut, and the digestion process works to break down food and absorb the nutrients, then your body can actually heal teeth! 

They "sweat" through the dentinal tubules and flush out the enamel as the body washes away the bad and brings in the new..  Our bodies are designed to be self-healing, I believe, and the good Lord is a great architect and physician to have such an intricate blueprint for the body to work the way it does under healthy circumstances.

We have to work very hard to keep the circumstances optimum for the body to do its job! Too many toxins or not enough nutrients will inhibit the body's innate ability to be self-cleaning and self- healing!

Warmest regards, 
Dr. Lorie
Dear Holistic Dentist: Should I have a root canal tooth taken out due to I have read Dr. Hal Huggins work.   But, the dental staff are saying to me to not lose a tooth because of shifting. What are my options? Thanks, Larry
Dear Larry,
No, the root canal teeth should not be left if you have any health issues and/ or you do not have regular ozone treatments available to you. There are Holistic Root canals for folks who do no want their teeth out when the nerve dies. These use ozonated water (3000 X better disinfectant than bleach) and a filling material called Biocalex instead of gutta percha.

Yes, the removal of teeth should include the curettage of the socket ("removal of the ligament") including any granulation tissue, periapical pathosis, and a margin of 1mm bone particularly at the root apex and any site of periodontal pathology. I also use platelet rich fibrin created from the patient's own blood to fill the void left as the tooth is extracted. This prevents the need for any foreign / synthetic substances like dead cow or people bone being placed in the body!

The best replacement option in my opinion is the Clear- Met partial. I have posted a picture of just one example of what has proven to be the most well liked, most dependable, most comfortable prosthetic made available in the my 35 year career. It is non- toxic of course!

Other option is an implant. There are now zirconium implants that are not metal, and do not seem to rust like the titanium ones have proven to do. The energetic patterns of the body do not seem to be disrupted by their placement since they are not metal. With the porcelain /zirconium implants, you would need to be sure to have a non- metal crown and connector on the implant.

I do not think that a bridge is a good option because you would have to cut down other teeth- remove all the enamel to make a bridge.  Metal partials are not a good option due to galvanic reactions. And, yes, I do think you should replace missing teeth due to the proprioceptive function of the teeth and mouth.

Kind regards,
 Dr. Lorie

Does your tongue tell on you??

Did you know your tongue says alot about you!!??? Dehydration, vitamin defficiency, poor digestion, yeast infection, Liver/ gallbaldder/spleen issues show up on your tongue oftern before anywhere else! What does your tongue say about you?? We can help!!

Post your questions and picture of your tattle-tale tongue below for Dr. Lorie.  Let's see what it says about you!!

Live well~~

The casue of grinding (bruxism), in my opinion is a reaction to processed foods and chemicals.  The undigested foods causes the miriad of allergy-type symptoms so many children (and adults) have today. 

This response in Chinese Medicine is called  being too "wet"-- the tissues weep and  swell and cause airway obstruction leading to grinding.  Only 20% of grinders make any noise-- so you might not hear your child grind her teeth.  But, grinding at night or even just clnching in the day can make the teeth SUPER sore and extremely sensitive to touch/pressure.

Nutrition changes can prevent the cycle of crowded teeth, dental arch malformation, tongue thrust, dental decay, grinding, TMJ and the ill effects they hasve on overall health. Grains are one of the most offensive food to the GI tract and digestion.  Throughout history people have fermented grains for at least two weeks.  But they are no longer prepared in such a way and most are genetically modified which is offensive to the digestion.  These undigested proteins are teh leading cause of "Leaky Gut Syndrome"- a major allergy producing condition.

When alleries occur, the gut and immune system are overwhelmed, causing the "wet" tissue response.  The grinding casues a stress response-clinching/grinding- that allows more air into the windpipe as the muscles of the throat tighten due to the facial muscles squeezing the teeth together. Unfortunately, it wears the teeth causing TMJ Symdrome, wear and breakage, etc.  The harmful affects of airway obstruction are crowded teeth, boney arch malformation, and when severe, even heart attack and stroke.

More on our webinar tomrrow night!  Let me know you are interested; I will send you an invitation so you can take advantage of the savings with DISCOUNT COUPONS!

Live Well~
Dr. Lorie