Physically, lack of good quality sleep can increase your risk for cancer, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure!!

So how can you sleep better — and avoid or reverse sleep deprivation? Here are a few simple steps... sleep experts recommend:

"10 Tips for Better Sleep"

1. 9-11pm are the two most important hours to sleep. Move up your bedtime up gradually= be consistant even on weekends and avoid napping during the day.
2. Avoid computer, TV and cell phone use 2 hours before bed= remove all blue and green lights on electronics in your room as they interupt deep sleep.
3. Keep your bedroom at a cool temperature (about 65 degrees).
4. Keep children and pets out of your bed for quiet, uninterupted sleep.
5. Don't use caffeine after 2 p.m. and limit to one serving a day.
6. Avoid alcohol for 3 hours prior to bedtime.
7. If you're hungry before bed, have a light snack of a carbohydrate- and fiber-rich food, such half an apple
8. Exercise between 5 and 7 p.m. for the most restorative sleep. Avoid strenuous exercise for 3 hours before bedtime.
9. Get a new mattress if yours is over 10 years old.
10. Use blinds or drapes to make your bedroom as dark as possible.

Live well~~




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