As Pres elect of the Holistic Dental Association and an accredited member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, I respectfully suggest some due diligence at www.IAOMT.org where you are welcome to peruse 1000+ articles from professional peer reviewed neurology/ toxicology /scientific journals that have no monetary connection to the placement or removal of amalgam (which is more than 50% mercury and does leach mercury vapor for the life of the material in the mouth, in the office/ suction lines, in the water supply down line from the dental office, in the environment, etc. (especially the microscopic particles smaller than you can see and small enough to go right through face masks of dental staff during removal).  

So taking NOT taking out amalgams is NOT the right thing to do. ...taking them out with all necessary precautions to protect patients, auxiliaries /dentists, and the environment is the prudent thing to do.

Use of a protocol that minimizes the exposure to all concerned includes dental dam, negative ion generator, effective masks, alternate air source, drapes, air cleaners, supplemental glutathione, vit C, activated charcoal, digestive enzymes, etc (provided the patient's APOE4 and CPOX genetic status is satisfactory) is the prudent thing to do.

FYI:  Mercury vapor leaches out of the filings at a rate proportionate to their surface area. The newer high copper alloys leach at at least 4 times that of older alloys. Heat, friction such as chewing and brushing increases the release of Hg vapor by 10x --which in a person with 4 average sized filings will exceed the OSHA workday PEL (permissible exposure limit).  The vapor emitted from these fillings is then breathed in and absorbed right through the tissue of the  oral cavity, so intimately positioned by the brain.

Within minutes of vapor inhalation, mercury can cross the blood brain barrier and other tissues where it is quickly oxidized and destroys many enzymatic reactions hampering body's metabolism and causing neurotoxicity.

Mercury is exchanged from mother to baby, concentrated in the placenta at 170% of the mothers burden effectively detoxing the mother, who incidentally may not have any amalgams because she could have detoxed her mother's mercury.  Breast milk contains mercury in amounts directly correlated to surface area of the amalgams in mothers who have amalgams or dental staff who have accumulated mercury as occupational exposure. Fecundability or inability to get pregnant is higher in dental staff than population.

Dentistry is the largest contributor of mercury into pottable water from dental office waste and the sewer systems in which 8 tons per year of Hg is excreted by those who have Hg fillings in their mouths. 

So, knowledge and safe treatment of the most toxic non-radioactive element is paramount.

Blessings over all~
Dr. Lorie



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